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Tabbing Stringer

Tabbing Stringer
Product Name: Tabbing Stringer
Product Serial: STS-600 series

  5”Mono       6”Poly           6”Mono          6”Poly
                                                                     (3 bars)

*Customization for back-contact cells too.

Key Features:

CCD Alignment & Inspection Precise alignment and to inspect cell crack and chip.

   Ribbon handling tech.          Special designs are used to
stretch and flatten the ribbon
to assure best soldering quality and to minimize rework rate.

Multi-Steps Pre-Heating  Multi-step heating process
assures best soldering uality Vacuum under the steel belt to hold cells stationary.

IR or Hit-Air Soldering
The non-touch soldering process minimizes stress on cells to assure lowest breakage rate and cell crack.

Electrical Test(opt.)             
Customer can choose to add electric test function for the string after soldering process to make sure all strings in  good connection.

Link to Auto-Layup(opt.)    For in-line production to
minimize cell crack caused
by manual handling.


System Specifications:       

Capability Capacity UP to 600 cells per hour
Cell size 125×125mm and 156×156(Option for 8"cell)
Cell thickness 180µm up to 400µm
Bus bar pitch 52~104mm
Bus bar numbers 2 or 3 bus-bar printing
Max string length 2000mm
Max cells per string 12 cells per string
Max gap between cells 30mm
Min gap between cells 1.0mm
Breakage rate 200µm<0.5%<,180µm<1.0%
Key features Input cell Max 1000 cells per loader, suggest 200~300pcs per loader.
Cell alignment CCD Alignment and AOI for cell crack and chip.
Ribbon stretch Yes
Fluxing Fluxing on ribbon
Soldering type Infrared Ray or Hot Air
Soldering pins Yes, pressure is adjustable
Off-load Yes, turn over the string
Machine info System dimensions 6440(L)×1490(W)×2020(H)mm
Operation Interface Industrial touch screen
Power AC power(Voltage upon request),50 or 60HZ,3ph,20KW
Press Air Consumption 620L/min

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