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Straight Ram Beam Press SR Series

Simplicity of design, versatility of application, high performance and power make the Schwabe SR series the workhorse of your industry. These presses are designed and built with a minimum number of moving parts for low maintenance.

The Freeman Schwabe Model SR is an extremely rugged press with reinforced construction of robust weldments. It is built for easy and rapid set-up and can feature side die loading capability, thereby minimizing die changeover time.

The Freeman Schwabe large area beam presses are the heart of so many industries and serve in the greatest variety of applications. From aerospace, automobile, packaging, textile, electronic and recreation industries to gasket, furniture, luggage and handbag, Freeman Schwabe die cutting machinery excels at meeting all your die cutting requirements.

As an aid to your operations, these presses can be equipped with die data storage systems to allow the operator to recall stored information such as feed length, production requirements, sheet or roll sensing, etc.

Diagnostic information can also be displayed for trouble-shooting, and there is optional printer interface capability. We recently introduced a new large area 2,500 ton press, approximately eighteen (18) feet long by six (6) feet wide, for die cutting automotive materials, particularly tri-laminates. Material loaded onto an 18' dieboard will be cut in one stroke.

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