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SML Series Solar Module Vacuum Laminator

Solar Module Laminator
Product Name: SML Series Solar Module Vacuum Laminator
Product Serial: SML Series


Precise heating control,                       Pin-lift system for pre-heating control!!
+/-2 degree C

High performance,
Dry vacuum pump!!!


• Chinup SML Laminator can be integrated into fully-automated production line,or be operated independently.
• Quick clamping device ensures the replacement of a worn diaphragm in lessthan 30 minutes.
• Unique chamber block up mechanism.
• A pin-lift system to lift the laminates off the heating plate for a smooth andcontrolled heat transfer from the plate to the lay up.
• High performance vacuum pumps and excellent sealing of the chamber provide a fast and outstanding vacuum in the laminating chamber to ensure high laminating quality and a shorter lamination cycle.
• Cleaning brush to protect the Teflon conveyor belt in the laminator from any contamination with EVA residue.
• Light curtains protection surrounding the laminator to ensure safe operation.
• Touch screen operator interface for easy operation.

Model SML-1517 SML-1722 SML-2124 SML-2436
Effective Lamination Area
Max. Laminate Length 1700mm 2200mm 2400mm 3600mm
Max. Laminate Width 1500mm 1700mm 2100mm 2400mm
Max. Laminate Thickness 25mm
Heating Process
Number of Controllable Temperature Zones 6~36 zones
Max. Temperature 180ºC
Temperature Uniformity  ±2ºC
Heating Rate >6ºC/min.
Chamber Open/Close Vertically by pneumatic cylinders
Pressure 0~1atmosphere, adjustable
Press Speed 3 steps, adjustable
Automatic Module Loading Yes
Transport Mechanism In Laminator Teflon conveyor belt
Automatic Module Unloading Yes
Release Sheet teflon sheet, manual
Vacuum System
Vacuum Pump 250~630 m3/hour
Vacuum Pressure <100pa
Vacuum Speed within 60 seconds to reach 1 torr (133pa)

※The above are the basic standard specification. Special specifications are available upon request.

SML-2436 has the widest application for PV production.
It can laminate 3 or 4 standard 230W PV panels(6×10matrix layout for 6”cell)
per cycle.


Type1:                                                             Type2:

Laminate 3 panels                                             Laminate 4 panels

per cycle.                                                          per cycle.


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