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PV Module Micro-Crack Inspector

PV Module Micro-Crack Inspector
Product Name: PV Module Micro-Crack Inspector
Product Serial: EL–MT01M


Key Features:

□ Able to upgrade for in-line operation
□ Able to upgrade to Dual Camera
□ Customize size from 1.7×1.1 to 2.0×1.3m
□ Software controlled I/V input
□ High speed imaging time
□ Auto fine tune EL image
□ Auto calculate % of dark area
□ Auto mark dark area in red
□ Arrow mark and save to file
□ Support Barcode system database
□ Save your comment to file

An EL image sample of good PV module

An EL image sample of defect PV module

Camera Features
 • 2/3-inch CCD camera
 • Resolution up to 1.3 Mega Pixels
 • Camera-link interface with 480Mb/s throughput
 • Built for tough industrial environments
 • FPGA-based camera DSP/controller
 • Class 100 clean-room assembly     
 • Cooling system inside
 • Filter lens included                                         

System Specifications

We listen to your demand and customize machines to meet your engineering requirements.
Please contact us for more details.
oder Number: EL-MT01M

Application Off-line PV module quality inspection
Type Manual loading/ unloading
Standard Test Area 1700×1100mm(6”cell,6×10 or5”cell 6×12 matrix)
Option Test Area 2000×1300 mm(6” cell, 8×12matrix)
Max Cell Q'ty Standard: 72 cells. Option: 96 cells.
Image Size 1640×1130 pixels
Dimensions Standard: approx2.0(L) ×1.3(D) ×1.0(H) m
Weight Standard: approx 150Kg
Power 110V or 220V,1500W
EL Camera×1
Customerized lens and filter lens ×1
DC power supply ×1(50V/10A or Option 100V/10A )
PC system ×1 (with 22” LCD)
Wired barcode scanner ×1
Machine body ×1
Control station ×1
Contact jig for solar string ×1
Contact jig for PV module ×1
Mutli UI (Engineering Mode, Operation Mode)
Save serial number as file name by barcode reader.
Save test date or comments in EL picture.
Add arrow-mark to marked defect area
Enhanced high sensitivity control
Enhanced back-ground noise reduction
Remote control service via internet.
Software Controlled IV Input.
Save pictures to file server.
Mark dark area in red.
AOI for Mono cell or Back-contact cell





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