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Pneumatic Punching System & Machine

Pneumatic Punching System & Machine
Product Name: CG-1
Product Serial: CG-1
  • Thickness detection and display panel. The machine does not punch and scribe when the thickness tolerance of the card is over preset parameter. The defective cards will go through every station to reach the exit collection box.
  • The transport belt is driven by servo motor with positioning accuracy ±0.05mm.
  • Punching station. The pneumatic punching system together with high precision male & female dies achieves excellent punching quality. The cards are located by a positioning device before punching to ensure accuracy.
  • Pneumatic scribing station. The precise tool knife scribes lines on both sides of the card at each narrow "bridge" connecting the SIM to the card body. The cards are also located by a positioning device before scribing to ensure accuracy. This makes break out easily the SIM from the card body when needed.
  • There is a scribing depth display panel on the top of the pneumatic scribing station showing scribing status. This function can effectively avoid over-scribing mistakes and save adjustment time.
Model No. CG-1
Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm
GSM Dimension ISO smart card ID-1 layout
SIM Dimension ISO smart card ID-000 layout
Magazine Capacity 500 cards
Capacity 3000 cards per hour
Machine Dimension 1845(L) x 730(W) x 1835(H) mm
Machine Weight 1000 kg
Pressured Air 6 bar
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