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Magnetic Tape Layer

Magnetic Tape Layer
Product Name: CT-700RS
Product Serial: CT-700RS
  • CT-700's Individual Controls and Adjustable Speed Provide Increased Accuracy and Higher Productivity.
  • CT-700 Magnetic Tape Layer features individual control of the heat and pressure for each roller, enabling precision fine-tuning to maintain the highest quality production. Operating speed is adjustable for different overlay material with a suggested operating speed of 5 – 7 m/min. and a maximum speed of 11m/min. The air-shaft single-roll overlay material stand features adjustable tension control and lateral adjustable capability.
  • A touch-screen operator interface with machine dialogue and self-diagnostic trouble shooting makes the CT-700 easy to operate. Interlocked safety guards with a safety circuit ensure a totally safe operating environment.
Model No. CT-700RS CT-700RR CT-700SS
Overlay Type Roll to sheet Roll to roll Sheet
Overlay Width 250 ~ 700mm 250 ~ 700mm 250 ~ 700mm
Overlay Thickness 0.04 ~ 0.20mm 0.04 ~ 0.20mm 0.30 ~ 0.80mm
Overlay Diameter 500mm 500mm -
Tape Width 6.5mm or 12.7mm 6.5mm or 12.7mm 6.5mm or 12.7mm
Tape Diameter 300mm 300mm 300mm
Tape Tracks 8 (option up to 11) 8 (option up to 11) 8 (option up to 11)
Tape Position Accuracy ±0.15 mm ±0.15 mm ±0.15 mm
Operation Speed 5 ~ 7m/min. 5 ~ 7m/min. 5 ~ 7m/min.
Machine Dimension 2650L*1700W*1900H mm 2400L*1700W*1900H mm 2000L*1650W*1900H mm
Machine Weight 2500kg 2600kg 2450kg
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